We’re Fed Up!

A Fort Worth judge gave a slap on the wrist to a drunk driving teen after he killed four people.

The teen blamed “affluenza” – a condition that allegedly prevents the wealthy from understanding that bad behavior has consequences.

The judge believed him.

The Texas court system is infected with “AFFLUENZA

Your Vote on March 4 is the Antidote to Affluenza in Our Courts

In case after case, elitist judges on the Texas Supreme Court consistently favor irresponsible international corporations and insurance companies over small businesses and conservative middle-class Texans.

Restoring true conservative values starts with change at the top. 

It starts with defeating elitist justices on the Texas Supreme Court. 

On March 4, Texas voters should say “HECHT NO!

Let’s renew true conservatism on our High Court.

Boot elitists Nathan Hecht, Jeff Brown,  and Phil Johnson off the bench!

The “affluenza” case highlighted a troubling problem:

The Texas judicial system favors irresponsible global corporations over small business and conservative middle-class families.

Affluenza in our Courts.

The injustice starts with the Texas Supreme Court – which, according to a recent report, “has morphed into an activist group overturning jury decisions … a court concerned only with giving more power to the powerful and trampling on the interests of Texas families in the process.”

In one notable case (Merck v Garza), in delivering the opinion of the Court in 2011, Hecht ruled against the family of a heart attack victim saying that Vioxx did not cause the man’s death. This conclusion came in spite of news reports from 2005 saying painkiller may have caused as many as 140,000 heart attacks in the U.S. before it was taken off the market in what’s considered the largest drug recall in history. 

recent report found that consumers have lost 79 percent of cases heard before the Supreme Court since 2005. “The justices are the ultimate guardians for the moneyed and powerful who wish to shirk responsibility.”

Enough is enough. It is time for fairness in our courts.

It’s time liberty and for justice for all.

By rejecting judicial elitism and restoring true conservative principles on the Texas Supreme Court,  we can again rejoice as one nation, under God. 

On March 4, let’s remove elitist Supreme Court justices Nathan Hecht, Jeff Brown and Phil Johnson

These justices have repeatedly said “Yes!” to irresponsible international corporations.

Their judicial activism is all on the record.

They can’t fool Texans. Conservative middle-class families can see right through the elitist justices’ charade.  


Questionable Ethics.

If a Justice plays loose with the rules, how can we expect him to follow the laws? 

Here are some key facts about elitist Justice Nathan Hecht…

FACT 1: Nathan Hecht is “a judge who ignores the spirit of the law.” For five years now, he has appealed a $29,000 fine assessed by the Texas Ethics Commission. The commission says that Hecht received a discount for his legal bills with the firm Jackson Walker. It is now the longest-running appeal of a state ethics fine.

FACT 2: “Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht personally collected more than $300,000 in private donations from some of the state’s top lawyers to pay his legal bills, prompting a state senator to say he is withdrawing his efforts to get the state to pick up the tab.”

FACT 3: Hecht gave 120 rambling and occasionally bizarre interviews in support of Harriet Miers, Bush’s White House Counsel, when she briefly became a nominee for the seat on the Supreme Court vacated by Sandra Day O’Connor, in 2005….

On March 4, Texas voters have the opportunity to replace three elitist Texas Supreme Court justices who consistently favor fiscally irresponsible international corporations over hard-working conservative Texans.

Texas can replace the judicial elites in Austin with true conservative candidates who will follow the Constitution and uphold justice for all:

Vote for TRUE Conservatives on March 4.

Robert Talton, running for Chief Justice, is a former police officer who is now a well-respected attorney from Pasadena, Texas. He has spent much of his life in public service, including serving as a Texas State Representative for eight terms. Talton has immersed himself in the study of the justice system and in serving his community, state and the nation. 

Robert Talton

Joe Pool Jr. is a fifth-generation Texan and the son of former Congressman Joe Pool from Dallas.  An attorney with considerable experience, Pool is admitted to the Tax Court, the Northern District of Texas Federal Court, and the US Western District of Texas Federal Court. He has handled numerous civil cases for clients over the past 32 years. 

Joe Pool Jr.

Judge Sharon McCally is well-known for her fairness and integrity on the 14th Court of Appeals. She served as an attorney before being elected to the 334th Civil District Court. While serving in the Civil District Courts, McCally instituted two cost-savings pilot programs.

Judge Sharon McCally

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